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Earn money with Infolinks

What Is Infolinks?

                                               Infolinks is an In Text advertising service: they take my text and create links within it. If you hover with your mouse over these double underlined links, you will see a small dialog box containing advertisement related to the text marked. You can choose to either move the mouse away and go on with your browsing, or to press on the box and go to the ad page which is relevant to the text.


    Infolinks is a global advertising platform which offer ad solutions. It offer plateform for both publishers and advertisers. Online advertisers utilize the Infolinks Self-Serve Marketplace to customize their own campaign and to popular their own sites or companies. Advertising with Infolinks means delivering brand messages to the users who are engaged with it.
Online bloggers and website owners monetize their websites with Infolinks while keeping the integrity and layout of their sites undisturbed. Infolinks publishers can select their winning Infolinks ad combination from infolinks ad unit buffet: InFrame, InSearch, InTag, and InText. It takes less than a minute to integrate Infolinks on a publisher’s site.

Infolinks’ ad units are fully customizable and invite higher engagement and CTR because of their unique positioning and the relevance provided by their smart algorithm. Infolinks platform extracts intent and auctions ad inventory in real-time, delivering relevant ads at optimized moments – when visitors are ingesting related content. This is one of the ways that Infolinks overcomes banner blindness to actually engage with users and provide information matched to what they are seeking and reading. Infolinks supports a marketplace of over 100,000 websites operating in 128 countries. The headquarters is located in Palo Alto, California and our R&D Center is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Where Info links appear on your site?

There are four ways in which infolinks appeared on the screen which are as fellows:

1_Infolinks appear on the site/blog when mouse comes on he dotted line. It is called infolinks in text. In this way infolinks appeared on the text:
Or in another way it appears as:

When does user of your website or blogger visit your page and when the cursor of the mouse comes on the underline text then your acount is rewarded with somy money(upon the popularity of your pag up-to $0.01) or when user enter your website or blog then your acount also rewarded.

2_Info links also appeared onthe bottom of the web page or blog,When the user take the cursor in the bottom the infolink appears. Its called infolinks in tag as:

          Infolinks appeared in page as also:

 3_When the page/blog is oppenend the infolink apears from the bottem and carry on with cursing of page. It is called infolinks in search an itappears as:

      Or it appears as:
4_When the user enter in the site the infolinks apears on the both side of the blog or websit it called infolinks inframe, and it appears as:
It also can be seen as:


Infolinks offers several convenient ways for publishers to receive payments: PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, Western Union, ACH (only for U.S. bank accounts) or Payoneer.

        You can select your preferred payment method under Payment Settings in your account.
According to the Infolinks Terms of Service, Infolinks organization issue payments no later than 45 days from the end of the month, on the condition that your earnings have reached the minimum payment threshold of $50 or $100 if you chose a Bank Wire or Western Union Transfer.

Until your earnings exceed the threshold they will be added to the following month’s earnings in your account balance.
A user can set his payment setting from account and then payment setting.

Please comment down about your openion. If you have any problem please comment down or contact with infolinks customer service.
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